Video Walkthrough

Enhance Management of your Sites and Buildings

Adiuvo can further offer a new remote walkthrough service where communal spaces of sites are available to;

  • Communication Centres, assistants & covering or out of hours staff who may not have first-hand knowledge of a building allowing them to triage efficiently.
  • Suppliers such as staff providers & contractors providing an immediate and prior understanding of specific locations within the building or site.
  • Additionally, other parties can be invited to a walkthrough to be shown specific areas.
  • Each walkthrough is made available via a secure link and can only be accessed internally or by parties you instruct.
  • Individual labels or notes can be added anywhere to confirm key locations or type or any relevant information you require.
  • Floor plans and a 3D model are created during the process and are also available.
  • Different sections of each building are immediately available rather than having to travel through the whole building.