did you know...



That’s the percentage of issues raised out of hours (based on 10+ years and over a million calls) that are actual emergencies.

But if you are responsible for your out of hours service make sure those taking your calls have the time to serve the 64% just as much as the 36%.

Why? Because to provide excellent customer service those “non-emergencies” (which the caller making the report almost certainly believes is urgent) need to be on an equal footing.

It is quite easy to deal with most emergencies providing you have available resources, engineers and property expertise.

It can, however, be a whole new and more difficult skillset to address why an issue does not warrant an immediate response. If this is not carried out suitably with enough empathy and understanding it can reflect poorly.

To limit the number of total calls received you can also implement any of the following;

1. a sensible pre-connection notice to remind/advise callers are reaching the emergency line
2. multi-channel options like chat (AI and manned)
3. maintenance software that can accept requests and only pass to emergency staff on fulfilment of certain criteria
4. portal access with downloadable accounts/insurance etc