did you know...

We are running our annual competition, this year giving away £1000.

Over the holiday season we provide not just the usual out of hours response but extra cover to allow our clients to shut fully or partially over the whole period.

Companies begin this shut down on the 23rd December until returning on the 4th (our 12 Days of Christmas).

Whoever can guess the closest to the total number of emergencies (not calls) we will log over those 12 days wins a donation in their name to the charity of their choice.

Submit your guesses via https://www.linkedin.com/posts/colin-stokes-7b0a6a23_propertymanagement-12daysofchristmas-callcentre-activity-6737371234117541889-SgF9

(remembering we look after circa 600,000 block and lettings properties out of hours and approx. 60% for some of the whole period) and we will announce the winner in January.