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About adiuvo

Formed in 2007 by ex-London Property Managers, adiuvo (from the Latin to help or assist) to initially offer a service that had, in their opinion, been severely lacking; a professional and knowledgeable office based emergency out of hours’ response for Property Managers. This specialised service distinguishes itself from any other available by the use of experienced and qualified property staff including IRPM Property Managers and people from all facets of the industry in conjunction with customer service experts. In 2023, adiuvo is responsible for approximately 900,000 properties out of hours AND 900,000 emergencies since our inception and our latest statistics show we handled over 500,000 inbound and outbound calls in 2022.

Although we are a professional service, adiuvo is one of the few in the property sector that not only often has direct contact with the clients’ own residents but is entrusted to make decisions on the client’s behalf. adiuvo, therefore, becomes a direct extension of each client’s brand and reputation whilst being responsible for service charges and landlord expenditure regularly extending to amounts in the thousands of pounds for an individual incident. We take great pride in the importance of our service to our clients and respond to all issues and calls accordingly.

In recent years, after winning industry awards and commendations, adiuvo has evolved and now provides a full suite of outsourced solutions ranging from 24/7 maintenance desks, contractor helpdesks and overflow and reception services all within the property sector.

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adiuvo 2022 stats
adiuvo stats

We have been with adiuvo for just over 12 months now and I can honestly say that the service has improved greatly and personally gives me great peace of mind that I am not starting the week dealing with several complaints. I speak on behalf of the group when I say adiuvo have been truly amazing during this crisis, dedicated, professional and supportive throughout and we thank you for this.