More speaking

Our MD, Colin Stokes has been asked to speak as part of the upcoming New York Real Estate Tech Week. As Adiuvo are at the forefront of trialling the use of AI in actual day to day property management Colin will be sharing our experiences and looking into the future of what AskPorter ( could bring alongside other Proptech innovations.

Speaking Out

Adiuvo is pleased to announce that our MD Colin Stokes will be speaking at tis years ARMA conference. Colin alongside Tom Shrive (CEO and Founder of AskPorter) will present a session on Proptech and AI in property management including an overview of what is possible now and what is coming in the future.

Presenting the future

At the recent Flat Living Roadshow our MD Colin Stokes, alongside AskPorter Founder Tom Shrive, presented a session on AI, Proptech and the future possibilities in Property Management. the session covered Adiuvo’s roll out of AskPorter and what real world effects and savings we are making over the trial recently undertaken on several portfolio’s, this along with insights into other companies emerging technology made for a hopefully interesting overview of the sector and future possibilities.

50 Most Influential

Our MD Colin Stokes was delighted to be included in last weeks inaugural Property Management 50 which is designed to recognise exceleence and influence in the sector. More details at

How we Work

Some insight on our working and review methods that may be of interest; working in a property/service centre environment it is vital to monitor performance internally. Below is an excerpt from one of our automated monthly KPI datasets. These are just the hard data rather than any qualifying additional information; for example, the Average calls taken will be lower if the staff member is assigned for any notable amount of time, as shown, to a specific task such as instructing on ongoing issues (TBI).

This information, once collated is reviewed by management, forwarded to staff in order they can comment and review themselves and aids us identifying training needs for the individual or the group as a whole when reviewed globally. We further use them as one of the metrics to show star performers and the staff member of the month.

In conjunction with this our Training Manager then listens to multiple calls by each person to give further coaching specifically on soft and customer service skills.

Together these, in addition to supervisor observation, form the basis of our efforts to drive staff knowledge & confidence improvement and therefore our overall service.  training customerservice

The 12 Days of Christmas

So as most companies wind down and close we step up a gear as from today (yes some firms are already shut) as we take responsibility for up to half a million properties for our 12 days of Christmas. To make the season more palatable to our fantastic staff who will be working multiple 12 hour shifts over all the holidays we have, in addition to the quadruple time, the Adiuvo Christmas Tree comprising 12 small balloons, with a draw each day giving the winner a daily prize and a chance to enter the main draw for the big one (which last year was a holiday). Hope everyone has a great holiday, we take ours in January!

Growth and Service

As the year draws to an end we have been reviewing our performance (via complaints and KPI’s) as well as our growth and below tracks the increase in units over the last 9 years from around 80,000 units in January 2009 to the end of 2019 at right about the half a million mark, an increase of 625%.
We publish this not just as self-aggrandisement (although there is some of that) but because it did lead to a conversation in-house that we thought followed on from @JonathanChanning ‘s post and subsequent interesting discussion regarding valuing suppliers; that conversely suppliers also need to value their clients. This includes most importantly watching growth for the possible negative effects it can have. It is so easy to gladly accept all incoming new business but do you have the resources ready to service that business? Will your current clients suffer because of it? Reflecting on that we certainly have been guilty previously of seeing the £ signs and not the consequences but I hope it’s a lesson we have learned (for example we are currently recruiting 7 new starters for next year’s pipeline of an extra 100,000 units).

24 hour walk from London to Brighton for Alzheimer’s

In a few months on the May Bank Holiday 15 misguided people from Adiuvo and our peers Earl Kendrick as well as an addition from Realty Property Management are setting out to walk (continuously) in hopefully 24 hours from London to Brighton.

We are doing this in support of The Alzheimer’s Society as several of us have been affected by its devastating effects and we hope we can persuade the Property Management Industry and our friends and family to give generously

The team includes Andrew, David, Zoe, Aigerim, Michaela, Della, Lisa and Shaun from Earl Kendrick as well as Colin, Vicki, the other Vicki, James Jade and Ciara from Adiuvo and Daniel of Realty.

You can find our fundraising page at

Up a Creek

Our Director, Colin Stokes joins fellow property people Ben Hopkinson (Moretons) and Rob Robertson (Crabtree) next week in kayaking 27 miles on the Colorado River.

Now whilst the trip in not probably the worst or arduous in the world it will be raising money for Max’s Foundation set up in memory of Max Schiller… a happy 10 year old boy, who very suddenly and tragically passed away in January 2015 from an undetected heart condition known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).

Their purpose is to help fund research both into the detection of genetic heart conditions such as HCM in children and the management of these conditions whilst providing support for these children and their families.

Donations can be made here;