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Contractor Requirements

If you are responsible for your company’s property out of hours calls or maybe just procurement or contractor supply chain, what trades should you expect to need?

Based on 65000 plus emergency calls last year over block and AST/BTR portfolios the following will give you an idea (in percentage terms so you can apply as applicable) of what types of engineers you will need to call on for all ad-hoc arising issues where instruction is required;

13% will require a plumber, it is unsurprising that this is the number 1 cause of call-outs.

4.75% an electrician.

4.5% locksmiths.

4% drainage specialists.

3% domestic gas engineers.

For interest around 14.5% of all incoming calls will require lift engineers to attend, 6.75% access control specialists and 3% commercial boiler engineers although these were all covered by contracted companies.

Oh, and you could, judging by last year, need an occasional snake wrangler but don’t spend too much time sourcing one of those as that need represented just 0.0015%.

If you feel that the full rundown could assist you in your out of hours requirements please contact us as we are happy to share.