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False Alarm?

One of our more routine types of call is a report of a fire alarm sounding throughout the building, invariably this happens late at night or early in the morning and although residents are understandably concerned about the noise nuisance aspect what never ceases to amaze is that it seems to be the only concern.

When we instruct residents to contact the Fire Brigade immediately the response is usually either surprise or a more belligerent one.  We try to explain that in a block of, say, 30 units there is no way of confirming that there is definitively no ongoing incident throughout the site and our only concern is the safety of the residents.

Callers have been so reluctant to follow this course of action that we have had to resort to refusing to send out any alarm engineers until the Fire Brigade has attended in order to ensure everyone’s safety.  Whilst looking to get everyone peace and quiet as soon as possible is a priority (and we are aware that 99 times out of 100 it will be a false alarm) we will never take any chance that there is a genuine emergency.