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Growth and Service

As the year draws to an end we have been reviewing our performance (via complaints and KPI’s) as well as our growth and below tracks the increase in units over the last 9 years from around 80,000 units in January 2009 to the end of 2019 at right about the half a million mark, an increase of 625%.
We publish this not just as self-aggrandisement (although there is some of that) but because it did lead to a conversation in-house that we thought followed on from @JonathanChanning ‘s post and subsequent interesting discussion regarding valuing suppliers; that conversely suppliers also need to value their clients. This includes most importantly watching growth for the possible negative effects it can have. It is so easy to gladly accept all incoming new business but do you have the resources ready to service that business? Will your current clients suffer because of it? Reflecting on that we certainly have been guilty previously of seeing the £ signs and not the consequences but I hope it’s a lesson we have learned (for example we are currently recruiting 7 new starters for next year’s pipeline of an extra 100,000 units).