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How Many?

How many emergencies will I get?

A question we are asked quite often as prospective clients try to work out if our service is cost effective or attractive to them.

Now this is a huge generalisation and is one overarching average for Lettings, Block, BtR, commercial, social etc. and portfolio’s of differing stock type, age and condition (plus our figures are over 10 years so smooth out variance over bad winter or unusual periods of activity).

But, approximately, your out of hours service will receive;

0.085 emergencies per unit per month or
.85 emergencies per 100 units per month or
8.5 emergencies per 1000 units per month

(you get the idea)

Actual call volumes is a different thing to consider; factor in
5x inbound (so 42 calls for our 1000 unit portfolio example)
4x outbound (34)

We have previously advised the patterns of when calls come in so combine the two and you know what you are letting yourself in for and can make an informed decision.

Contact us if you would like the figures in more detail or broken down by property types.