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How to deal with major events?

It’s been postmortem time as we review the recent brutal weekend storms

Approximately a 250% uplift in calls (in some periods 400%) which meant that although we pulled almost every available staff member in we were at a staffing level of 175% (and everyone can do that math).

This resulted in, at several points, real difficulty for some residents being able to get through and when they did, increased answering times from our usual average of sub 25 seconds to in excess, at points, of 20 minutes and this when our clients most need us.

With weather patterns becoming more extreme this is now going from a once every 18 months occurrence to a twice a year one and leaves us with the question of how to provide the service for those 2 out of 52 weekends without just adding 200 staff in order to always be able to cope but therefore having to charge accordingly.