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How we Work

Some insight on our working and review methods that may be of interest; working in a property/service centre environment it is vital to monitor performance internally. Below is an excerpt from one of our automated monthly KPI datasets. These are just the hard data rather than any qualifying additional information; for example, the Average calls taken will be lower if the staff member is assigned for any notable amount of time, as shown, to a specific task such as instructing on ongoing issues (TBI).

This information, once collated is reviewed by management, forwarded to staff in order they can comment and review themselves and aids us identifying training needs for the individual or the group as a whole when reviewed globally. We further use them as one of the metrics to show star performers and the staff member of the month.

In conjunction with this our Training Manager then listens to multiple calls by each person to give further coaching specifically on soft and customer service skills.

Together these, in addition to supervisor observation, form the basis of our efforts to drive staff knowledge & confidence improvement and therefore our overall service.  training customerservice