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Know your Numbers

What resources are required to be fully prepared for your portfolio’s out of hours needs from a customer service POV?

To know that you need stats, which we have a lot of – these numbers are based on a yearly averages and of course will have seasonal fluctuations (covered below) and come with the caveat that these are also averages across all types of portfolio (block, lettings, BTR etc.) and some will have heavier volumes than others where demises and responsibilities, quality of build, differing profile of residents and differentiating required service levels need to be taken in to account.

All figures are based upon 15 years of statistics compiled by our team. I haven’t said emergencies above because as most people will know, not all the calls received outside office hours are actually urgent but we still have to deal with those.

So, the first question that everything else stems from; how many issues will I get?

Well, the average is 12% (its actually 11 point something but 12 makes the maths a lot more straightforward) of your portfolio per annum. Therefore, if you have 1000 units expect 120 out of hours calls or an average of 10 a month.
Now the seasonal variation we mentioned means that in real life this is more like 7.5 in the summer months to 12.5 in the Winter.

Within those issues you should also be aware of the number of calls involved – the average here is 8 to include the original incoming calls and then outbound to include instructing a contractor, updating site/residents and following up to ensure the job is complete. This can be anything up to (as in one recent case for us) 150 though and as low as 1 for non urgent issues where details are taken but action is not required.

When do those issues arise; well, again based on averages some of the highlights are…
Monday to Friday 5pm to Midnight will see 35% of your total inbound calls received and Weekends 9am to 5pm would be 37%

Finally, what types of issues will my calls be about?
Not surprisingly top is leaks at 16.5%
Some other highlights…
Alarms and AOV’s at 8%
Lifts at 5%
Communal Access at 5%
Boilers (communal and individual together) at 6%

The full breakdown of averages, times and types of issues are available from us along with the associated costs so if you require more detailed information please do get in touch.