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On the Road

In a previous blog we railed against the ever increasing pressure of awards and ceremonies and said that 2017 would be different for us; cutting back on all but the most important events or at least only attending rather than being involved.

We realised that all too often, even though we thoroughly enjoyed it we would meet similar people at The Celtic Manor or Wembley whereas some clients, although seemingly happy, had not seen us in person in over a year or even at all (with on-boarding done via phone and email).

We therefore instead decided to initiate a project spending the resources we would save on yearlong “roadshow” visiting all areas of the UK in an attempt to meet all or at least most of the unfamiliar faces.

That project begun in earnest last week when we de-camped to Manchester in order to meet with 10 clients.

The aim of these meetings is to actively seek out feedback, discuss improvements that can be made and generally review the service we provide with as many Agents as possible in the next 11 months hopefully allowing us to have met or at least offered a meeting to all of our 160 plus clients.

All of these reviews were extremely positive but at the same time we learned things I am not sure would have come up over regular correspondence and we believe that over the course of the year we will only increase our understanding of our clientele and their requirements.

We are due in Birmingham next month, Bristol in March and the remainder of the country over the rest of the year and look forward to hopefully seeing you all.