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Q1 Statistics Review

One of the few plus points of the current situation is maybe a little extra time for review so we have been taking the chance this Easter (amongst our extended opening hours) to asses some of our Q1 statistics.

We thought they may be of interest and some are shown below for whole of our out of hours portfolio of block, lettings and commercial properties with standout stats including: Almost 75,000 calls received indicating we will take 300,000+ inbound in 2020.

We are currently instructing on 34% of all reported issues. Leaks are still often the number one emergency. Now we do always, for transparency, publish our complaints rate and do so here again via two figures; % of complaints against total calls-0.09% % of complaints against actual emergencies-0.4% There is always room for improvement but for clients to have issues with less than half a percent of the emergencies we handle is something, we believe, to be proud of.

Be interesting to see how stats change/are affected during the Covid-19 period when they become available. In the meantime, if you need any out of hours assistance we can now onboard new clients or provide daytime capacity after a period of stress-testing our remote working set-up was successful.