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The future

So most people are aware we are involved with askporter, the AI platform for managing all types of property. We have been working with & helping “train” it for some time especially the AI chat-bot but last weekend we had (in a UK property first?) full live answering of calls via Porter with one of our client’s permission.

This is the AI digital assistant taking a VOICE call, understanding what is being said & the context & confirming the name, address, contact details & an outline of their issue. All that & the call is then transferred to an agent who opens with, for example; “Morning Mrs. Smith let’s see how we can help with your leak” Still full, first-class, service, but automated initial data capture automated saving approximately 30 seconds a call (last year we took 250k+) with options for chat for those who prefer it.

The next step is finalising prioritisations so the AI routes call depending on our settings (eg fire & flood over lift oos) as well as some accent recognition improvements on the accent recognition but the AI is learning with every interaction. The response was extremely positive with feedback that it was quick & efficient & crucially handed off at the correct point of the call.