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Too much, too many?

As a supplier to the industry we are always approached by event organisers, usually to sponsor or exhibit and we have attended many in the past being willing and eager entrants however recently these approaches have at least doubled in numbers leaving all too many vying in our opinion for not only sponsors but attendees as well. The proliferation of these and ever new and shiny events and awards has just reached saturation point as far as we’re concerned.

I understand they are all trying to make a profit (aren’t we all) and provide a service or information or promotion but honestly I feel less would definitely be more, 4 major events that are all really worth attending and 2 awards a year for an industry our size is enough and would prevent the dilution of standards and standing (and maybe even increase the value of the ones the do take place).

Maybe all the organisations could get together to share some ideas or even some events because I think we are watering down the “product” and the things put in front of us are beginning to feel like cash grabs while the market they are aimed at also seems to be feeling a little jaded especially when content almost seems like an afterthought or, as I have heard lately from some parties, is ill-conceived or not relevant.

No offense meant to any of the organisers and I am sure after some events we will have retrospective exhibition or sponsor envy but for now in 2017 we are going to have a year of standing and cutting back to the major ones whilst just being a delegate at the others in order to focus specifically on our existing clients (which will be the topic of our next blog).

Thanks for reading.