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Virtual Building Knowledge

The interest for our new Inerro service has increased during Covid with its strengths being more apt now & during future restrictions. These 3D virtual tours of exterior/communal parts of site provide immediate knowledge for support staff or those dealing with an unfamiliar building.

Its creation further gives a dolls house view & floorplan whilst information can be added to any point of interest (i.e. codes or contract details) to make it a repository for site. It allows for; simple quotations such as cleaning without unnecessary journeys & footfall. virtual minor works quotations as a PM can live chat face to face with multiple contractors whilst inside the tour allowing desktop quotations further limiting onsite traffic. secure cloud-based communication enabling PM’s to converse remotely but still face to face with residents aiding better understanding of issues & 1 to 1 customer service minus a time-consuming site visit.

Prior knowledge or even an initial induction for contractors/suppliers & new or temporary site staff. pre-recorded narrated tours also for staff or new residents (minus management info). For further details head to our explainer video or email rhoda@adiuvo.org.uk

We offer the first tour free on sites up to 100 units.