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WFH Survey Results

75% of staff now want to continue to work from home in some shape or form. Where did I get that stat from? Its actually from our internal survey. As a phased plan to return to “normal” was released here over the weekend in Ireland we have been polling our staff for their preferences whilst we research how to make our workspace safe for them to return.

To be honest, I had always believed that WFH would not work for a call centre and although it has its challenges our staff have proved me wrong hence the survey which also revealed; Over 80% did want some of their shifts to be in the office. 77% wanted to additionally work in the office if we expected high call volumes (i.e a storm). 16% always want to work in the office. The staff that want to come in can always do so but we expect most to probably work 2 out of 3 shifts from home going forward.

The resounding reason for that wish to return (part or full time) was the social side and a communal approach to solving problems (a little bit easier than on Teams).