let’s talk tech


We at adiuvo believe in technology to improve our service and the experience of our clients and their residents. adiuvo has invested in AI to provide a next-generation basis for everything we will deliver; from multi-channel options allowing everyone access to their preferred communication medium to integrations with clients’ CRM systems to enable seamless information exchange. Already this includes Dwellant.

Our MD has spoken at various industry events in the UK and New York as we aim to become the first property company to utilise full live AI call answering and data capture of incoming calls which not only take the calls but transcribe and understand the full conversation. We aim to pioneer this further in the coming months via Adi™ our in-house AI bot. Initially, this will be trialled via chat with developments expected early in 2024.

We have also combined the existing technology of EyeSpy360 with our knowledge of property management to create Inerro, a virtual 360-degree tour of the communal areas of a site providing remote knowledge of buildings and, via the live chat facility, an opportunity to reduce footfall and site visits whilst still providing excellent customer service.

adiuvo will always seek to innovate and adopt cutting-edge advantages to improve both our and our client’s services.

Innovative technology, traditional values

During the term of our association, adiuvo provided an exemplary, first class service to our customers and to us. They have always responding to the Emergency caller courteously and in a timely manner. The information that adiuvo delivers to us is always detailed and to a very high standard to ensure that our company can follow up the queries either at the time of the call in extreme emergency or when we return to the office. adiuvo’s approach is always calm confident and reassuring and this ensures clarity when they are conveying information to us or instructions to Contractors. As far as is possible adiuvo use our own preferred contractors however they also have their own extensive network of properly vetted tried and tested contractors for us to call on if necessary. adiuvo’s extensive knowledge of property and their efficient professional contractor network has provided us with a very effective and much admired string to our bow and we would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone looking for the out of hours call service they offer. I cannot commend adiuvo highly enough.